Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Thrill of Launch

Even though it's no space shuttle, there is still something thrilling about a huge rocket launching into space.  SpaceX had another success this week with the launch of their CRS-1 Dragon capsule atop a Falcon rocket on Sunday night.  Yesterday I got to support on console while the Dragon reached the International Space Station, was captured by the robotic arm, and berthed to ISS to resupply the station.  One of the fun features of this particular capsule is a freezer compartment which will allow the transfer of temperature sensitive materials to and from the station.  And a notable fun item sent up with Dragon was a special treat for the astronauts - ice cream!  While a video will never compare to watching a launch in person, here's a little thrill for you today and proof that work is still being done in the U.S. to increase the awesome!

(top image from here)

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