Monday, October 29, 2012

Costume Reveal!

I was Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom complete with binoculars, beetle earrings, bright blue eyeshadow, and daisies in my hair!  I spent the last couple of weeks making my beetle earrings out of Sculpey clay, sewing the collar and cuffs onto my dress, and hunting down the rest of my accessories (the binoculars are actually a flask! Too bad I was unable to use it as I spent my Saturday night Halloween party hopping completely sober due to a 2:30 am work shift...)  Despite my absolute love of my costume, no one else had a clue who I was supposed to be though.
Here's my attempt at recreating Suzy's lighthouse lookout moment.  I spent a couple of fantastic hours of my night hanging out with friends who were incredibly creative and festive with their costumes as well!  My friend R pulled off an eerily accurate Kip from Napoleon Dynamite by only adding a pair of retro glasses to his usual attire.  J and B paired up for a politically charged Mitt Romney and Big Bird duo, complete with a binder full of women!  And friends R and V were Captain Crunch and Frida Kahlo (both outfits were homemade by V!!!!)   Other notable costumes from the evening included Waldo of "Where's Waldo?" fame, who kept photo bombing people all night, a ghostbuster, and a black spandex clad Catwoman. So fun!
Did anyone else go out Halloween partying this past weekend?  What was your costume?

In other news, I somehow completely lost my voice this weekend (not entirely sure how as I'm not sick and I didn't do any yelling/screaming/etc.  still don't have it today...), SpaceX's Dragon capsule successfully released from the ISS and safely crashed down into the Pacific Ocean yesterday, and I've been compulsively checking to get the status on Hurricane Sandy and the havoc she's wreaking on my friends and family on the Northeast coast.  Be safe everyone!!!

(lighthouse pic from here)

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