Friday, October 12, 2012

Have a Relaxing Weekend

Well, it's been a completely exhausting week.  Even though I didn't have to log all of the overtime I had expected, I was still working pretty much non-stop for the 44 hours I did work.  Which is nice because the time goes by fast.  But now that it's Friday I'm just ready to crash.  I'm pretty sure I'll get called for work a couple of times over the weekend too since we have a repair to our water processing assembly coming up super early on Monday morning.  To compensate for my super busy week I plan to spend any time I'm not working this weekend just being super relaxed.  I've been in a major DIY mood so I plan to work on a few projects like this and this, and I'm going to start putting together all of the pieces of my Halloween costume too.  Other than that I'm going to stock up on food for the week (I want to make this soup and try my hand at kale chips), watch some college football and Dexter (this season is looking really good so far!), and laze around on the couch leafing through my newest influx of October magazines.

What are you plans for this lazy autumn weekend?

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