Monday, October 1, 2012

Eventful Weekend

My weekend in Austin didn't go exactly how I expected.  Even so, I had a lot of fun, as usual.  The weather was what changed plans around a bit.  So instead of having to wander around by myself on Saturday, we hit up Taverna for an awesome brunch (garlic toast, eggwhites, and sauasage with truffle oil and $1 bellinis!) and and then headed to the Alamo Drafthouse on Lamar where we saw Looper and I indulged in a tasty peanut butter chocolate shake for desert.  Looper was really good. Joseph Gordon Levitt played a terrific role - between the prosthetics and the way he managed to mimic Bruce Willis's mannerisms, it was uncanny.  Sunday was filled with Round Rock Donuts (SOOOO good!), mimosas, and football.  I headed home in the afternoon and got back just in time to eat dinner and watch the season 7 premiere of Dexter over at J and B's house.  This season is definitely shaping up to be interesting and I can't wait to see what happens next week!!!

(pic of Alamo from here and bellini from here)

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