Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gaudy Granny

It all started with the navy cardigan with sequined lobsters - for some reason I was going through a major lobster=quirky design phase and so I fell in love with the sequined lobster cardigan.  But since it was sold out, I went the google search route to see if I could find another.  And then began my Markus Lupfer sequined sweater obsession.  It's kind of ridiculous, really.  They remind me of the sweaters my fabulous great grandma used to wear down in Miami with her teased hair, heavy green/purple/blue eye shadow and large cocktail rings.  She could totally pull it off, but she was also a part of the 80-year-old Miami set.  Me, a 30-something living in Houston?  If I was totally confident and owned the look, maybe.  I don't know that I could pull that type of attitude off on a regular basis, though, so for $400 per sweater it wasn't something I was ready to invest in.
All of that has now changed.  My favorite DIY inspiration blog has come up with a fantastic Markus Lupfer inspired sweater DIY and I'm completely and totally obsessed.  I plan to snag a sweater from Target or Old Navy first chance I get, stock up on some sequined trim, and then go wild!  I'm thinking maybe an astronaut, a fox, or a flower like the dahlias in yesterday's post.  Or maybe all of them since this project is WAY more affordable than the original!!!

(Markus Lupfer sweaters from here, here, and here)

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