Monday, October 8, 2012

Hello Overtime

As has become the standard, when I went to Central Market yesterday my bill topped $100, partially due to my flower obsession - I simply had to spend $15 on these gorgeous dahlias (it could have been worse...).  Well this week is going to keep me in flowers for a while because it's only Monday and I'm already pretty sure I'll have around 8-10 hours of overtime by the week's end due to system issues that arose this morning and the SpaceX-1 capsule which is going to dock with the international space station on Wednesday.  On Thursday alone I have to be at work at 3 AM to support hatch opening and I know I have to stay until at least 3 PM to support a meeting.  Ugh, right?  Good thing I made good use of my time this past weekend!
 Friday night I went out to Little Big's for dinner (and an AWESOME butterscotch milkshake - I usually don't even like butterscotch!).  The chili cheese fries were pretty phenomenal too.  After that we made our way west a bit and hit up 300 Houston for some semi-classy bowling. 
We played three games and FINALLY on the third I managed to break 100 (barely...).  We had a lot of fun, but apparently bowling uses muscles I don't frequently use, because my back and butt muscles have been sore since I woke up on Saturday morning.  I'm so out of shape.  Saturday I did some cleaning, finished up a couple of projects around the house like whipping up some carrot marmalade for part of B's birthday gift, watched some tv, and finally made my way out of the house for B's birthday extravaganza.  We had burgers (again!) at Tooky's, followed by drinks at Fatty's (obviously a classy establishment) where I sucked at pool and did so-so at the plastic dart machines.  We got sick of the bad darts and took the party back to B and J's house for some more - real - darts and some hot tubbing! 
On Sunday, J and B picked me up and we headed into the city for the Houston Greek Festival!  We ate some delicious souvlaki, partook in the dinner plates which consisted of pasticcio, spanakopita (my favorite - it was SO GOOD!), tiropita which is a cheese pie made with puff pastry, and greek meatballs call keftedes.  All of it got washed down with some Greek wine.  After that we perused the festival market and I picked up some food items like rose water and fig jam as well as some gorgeous bowls, one of which is now holding bracelets on my dresser.  After that we hit up Central Market and then headed back home.  Later that evening I went back over to their house for a pumpkin fest complete with yummy pumpkin stew and sinful pumpkin muffins that are filled with a sweet spiced cream cheese mixture and topped with a spiced crumble.  They're really almost cupcakes and so B and I have dubbed them muff-cakes.... 

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