Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cotton Head

Bleh.  I've been feeling like crap for the past couple of days.  I had a nasty sore throat yesterday and felt achy and like my head was stuffed full of cotton.  I had actually gotten out of bed on time, gotten dressed, put on my makeup, etc and started driving to my Russian class.  Halfway there I got really nauseous all of a sudden, so I pulled over to the side of the road.  At that point I realized it wasn't fair to my coworkers to show up to work in that condition, so I made a u-turn and headed back home to wallow in bed all day, feeling miserable.  I'm pretty sure it's a sinus infection so I've been popping Tylenol Sinus, multi vitamins, vitamin C, and zinc like crazy.  I think they're working as I at least didn't feel worse today.  So I gussied up again and headed in to work.  Something about the car ride seems to trigger my symptoms, though, because as soon as I was halfway in I started feeling the uncontrollable urge to sneeze and my back started getting achy again.  What's with the car and me feeling like crap?!?  Here's hoping the still constant stream of drugs and vitamins will work their magic overnight again....

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