Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!  Are you dressing up today?  I try to tone it down a bit for work, especially since I had to give a presentation today, so I'm sporting my trusty vampire fangs with some blood red lipstick and an all black ensemble.  I'll whip out my Suzy costume again this coming weekend for another Halloween party, so it'll still get plenty of use!  After work today I'm headed over to B's house for dinner and candy distribution to the local kiddies who are out trick-or-treating!  I love Halloween, so in honor of one of my favorite holidays, here are a few Halloween-y links for your viewing pleasure:
  • Pumpktris - some awesome nerd turned their pumpkin into a tetris game complete with a pumpkin stem joystick!!!
  • The cutest DIY costume ever - I love that it's Disney, but it's not Disney Princess...
  • Yummy looking pumpkin bars.
  • Yes!  Best little Halloween decorations - Vampire Pumpkins!!!
(top image from here)

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