Thursday, May 17, 2018

Andi's 5 Month Update

It is truly amazing to see how fast Andromeda is learning new skills these days.  She has mastered using her hands and can easily reach and grab for absolutely anything and everything, especially things she shouldn't be grabbing (S taught her to grab his sunglasses from the top of his head as a fun skill which has unfortunately parlayed into Andi trying to grab my vision glasses off of my face...).  She has rolled over a grand total of 2 times.  The first time was at daycare and the second time was later that same day at home.  Of course neither was caught on video.  There has been plenty of rolling onto her side since, but no full rolling over.  Andromeda has also mastered sitting on her own without assistance.  Her new obsession is the kitties, though she still loves her doggies as well.  All of the fur babies do so well with her!  She has officially started to giggle when you tickle her just right (baby giggles are the best!)  And she talks in her adorable baby babble ALL THE TIME!  Every time I go to pick her up from daycare the ladies tell me how happy she is and how she has barely shut up since I dropped her off...
One of Andromeda's favorite toys is her car.  She constantly reaches for it!

Giggling with mommy

The cuteness of this picture kills me.  She is sitting up on my legs completely unassisted while we play with her alphabet train.
We did a lot of stuff over the past month.  Andi got to spend a bunch of time with S's family when grandma and grandpa came into town for her uncle K and cousin A's birthday. 
Spending time with Grandma and Grandpa

Chilling with her cousin A at his bday party!

Andromeda always digs snuggles with Uncle K
We also went to go hang out with some friends and Andromeda got to spend time with some big kids (she loves big kids!)  Then friends came into town and Andi got to spend more time with big kids, including a trip to the neighborhood playground, some very loud piano playing/pounding, and a trip to a local brewery for an afternoon. 
A mutual adoration between these two cuties!

Yes, it was loud.  But it was also a great way to distract 3 kiddos!

Brewery fun with friends and family!
The next weekend I had a work picnic and Andromeda played her first game of cornhole and charmed all of my coworkers.  We also took some time in early May to work on art projects for the grandmas for Mother's Day.  And Andi's fifth month ended with her first night being babysat (by Uncle K) while S and I went to go see Hamilton!
It's a 3 pointer!

Andromeda wasn't too sure what to do with her bag of paint and paper at first...
After some careful consideration, though, and some thorough fussing about the forced tummy time, she came to the conclusion, as she does all things, that it should probably go in her mouth!
Our first adult night out with friends since having the baby - S got me Hamilton tickets for my birthday!
 A few other highlights from this month were Andi's Super Baby pose every time we lift her into the air.  She will do it on repeat for many minutes at a time and she had S and I in stitches laughing!  She has also obtained her first set of wheels from grandma and grandpa in Florida and she LOVES her car.  S is thrilled.  He is now introducing her to as many car-related activities as he can.  She has not protested yet...
Super Chunkster!

Andromeda's new wheels.  She is a BIG fan!

Andi helped daddy get his drifting wheels ready for the track.  Vroom!

And this cutie was having fun sitting in daddy's new (to him) Porsche
And that's all we have for month 5!  Sorry it's a little late - Andromeda's decent sleep skills took a turn for the worse after her 5 month birthday and we've only just recovered.  Although before that happened she had a few nights where she only woke up once to eat and it was absolutely delightful to get a solid 4 hour chunk of sleep!  We are a work in progress...  I leave you with a few more moments of random cuteness.
Someone has finally started to like books!!! This one about shapes and Frank Lloyd Wright is one of her favorites!

I got her some new geeky space bibs to capture the gallons of drool she releases each day.

That's all until next month when Andromeda will be half a year old!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Andromeda's 4 Month Update

Andi's 4th month started off very eventfully.  Her Uncle D and his girlfriend E came to visit us in Houston for a long weekend and we did a lot of exploring with them.  And then I went back to work and Andromeda started full-time daycare during the week.  She is doing great at daycare, the teachers there say that she is always happy and smiley.  After bottle bootcamp with Grandma in Florida, Andi has been great with bottles, in fact she eats more at daycare from the bottles than she does at home (she gets distracted easily these days).  She struggles a little with her naps during the day there, though, due to all of the other commotion going on (so much to look at!!!), but she seems to be handling it ok.  She just takes more frequent, short naps.
This was the first time she successfully slept in the bed with us for a glorious 2 hour family nap...
She hit her 4 month sleep regression right on time, so that played some havoc with her sleep schedule anyway.   Her sleep had been a little crappy anyway since she started waking up at night for feedings around 3 and a half months.  But then she thought "hey, I know, let's wake up every 1.5 hrs and see how that goes!"  It does not go well.  So we instituted some additional sleep training and it's helped immensely.  She has had some relapses, but for the most part she will fall asleep on her own at night in about 10-15 minutes with just some light fussing and she is only waking up at night for feedings.  We've even had a few nights where she only woke up twice to eat instead of 3 times to eat.  I'm hoping that trend continues as I usually actually get a 4 hour chunk of sleep on those nights and it is heavenly!
Andi's favorite toy to cram into her mouth, Sophie the giraffe.

Vroom vroom!  What S hopes is the beginning of Andromeda's life long love affair with cars...

Tummy time with a buffet of toys
Developmentally Andromeda is right on schedule.  She can see a lot further now and she loves to stare at S and I from across the room, go for walks (the weather has been gorgeous lately), and look at the trees when the wind blows.  But by far her absolute favorite thing to watch is her doggies!  Andi absolutely LOVES Pandora and Penny and her favorite thing to do is to look at them!  She loves to see them wrestle in the house and also adores going into the backyard to watch Pandora run while we throw the ball for her (Pandora is also absolutely thrilled with this latest trend as well as she is obsessed with both balls and her baby...)  Andromeda's coordination is improving as well, she can grab her toys, clothes, fingers, and most recently my hair quite easily now and directs everything to her mouth.  She is making attempts to roll, but is only getting about half way there at this time.  She is finally starting to like tummy time too, and she is starting to get better at sitting on her own with light assistance.

One of Andromeda's roll attempts during her 4 month photo shoot
Andromeda is starting to like her baths a lot more lately too, she kicks and splashes in the water now.  We're starting to introduce some toys, although her favorite thing to play with is the washcloth...  And she is usually happy as a clam when she gets wrapped up in her hoodie towel.  The smiles are adorable.
Pandora initially misunderstood when I suggested that we go give the baby a bath...

Inspecting her new fishy bath toy

But in the end preferring to steal both washcloths from me instead of playing with the toy

Peekaboo!  Must try to eat the towel too!
And here are the pictures from the beginning of the month when D and E came to visit us in Houston!  We were trying to Andromeda on a nap schedule, so we hadn't really tried going out into town with her much.  But spending a Sunday showing D and E around Houston was a great way to get us to branch out a little and try some new things with Andi.  We took Andi to her first brunch at City Acre Brewery (one of our favorite out of the way brunch places), then walked around the Montrose area and the outer buildings of the Menil Collection, got ice cream at Amy's Ice Cream, drove around Herman Park, and finally got an early dinner at Ninfa's on Navigation.  It was a full day and Andromeda took catnaps in our arms or in the car, so it wasn't her best day of sleep but to be honest her naps nowadays aren't really much longer than that anyway.
Andromeda's first brunch!

She was kind of obsessed with S's beer...

D and E enjoying their beer and brunch.  The food here is awesome.

Family pic on the jack sculpture where S proposed to me!

Baby's first TexMex dinner out!
D and E stayed until Wednesday.  On Monday I went back to work for my first day while they drove into town to check out the rodeo!  On Tuesday I left work a wee bit early, met up with them at Andromeda's daycare and proceeded to give D, E, and Andi a tour of Johnson Space Center.
Andromeda contemplating the giant ISS mockup at the NBL

D and E in the old shuttle cock pit trainer

S met up with us to give a tour of the giant vacuum chamber he works on
We ended Andi's fourth month with her 4-month doctor appointment where we were told she is now 23 inches long and weighs 12.5 lbs.  She's in the 25th percentile and the doctor said that, despite the runny nose and mild cough she's picked up as a result of daycare, she is a super healthy little kiddo!  We had a little bit of the wait for the doctor to come in for the appointment, so we took some pictures of Andromeda "flying", another activity she loves.  Check out that adorable little chunk!
Look mommy, I'm flying!
And we leave you with a few more outtakes from Andi's 4 month photo shoot:

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Andi is 3 Months Old!

We have had an eventful month!  Andromeda is finally starting to grow out of her 0-3 month clothes, she has been talking up a storm, she is getting better at intentionally grabbing things (her toys, the shirt of whomever is holding her, my hair, etc), and she went on her first airplane trip!
Some chill weekend snuggles with mommy and daddy!
Andromeda's first Valentine's Day!
In the middle of February Andi was sleeping through the night most nights and on the weekends we'd pull our well rested baby into bed with our well rested selves and talk and play with her for a little bit before we started our day.  That was a blissful time that no longer exists, but more on that later.  Andromeda also got to celebrate her first Valentine's Day with this cute little outfit from Grandma Weeds.
Passed out in daddy's arms as she boards her first airplane!

Andi's first pool day with the gang!
In the middle of February we flew out to Florida to meet up with my best friend K from college and her family.  She had her second kiddo just 2 weeks before Andromeda was born and so we figured we'd take advantage of the fact that we were both on maternity leave.  S had a week with 2 days off work already and so he took off the additional 3 days and joined us.  Andromeda was a pretty good flier.  She fed during landing and takeoff to minimize ear popping, but refused to sleep during the actual duration of the flight like I'd hoped - she was just far too interested in looking around.  As a result she was little wired when we landed, but we got it all worked out.  
My favorite picture of her right now - that smile!
Some play mat time with her new buddy R, who is such an adorable and chill little chunker!
A walk on the beach with the crew
We really enjoyed our week in Florida.  We stayed with my parents and they gave us our first baby-free afternoon to go out as a couple, which was nice.  We spent plenty of time going for walks including the local bird sanctuary, hanging out at the pool (Andi wasn't really a fan of the water, we think it's because the pool was cold since she seems to digs bathtime.  We'll try again when she's older),  going for a walk on the beach, getting ice cream, and playing board games with the adults once the kids were in bed.  Andromeda was still a sleeping champ at this point, so it was a really restful break.
Sleeping on the plane ride home
 We had a crazy early morning flight back to Houston, which actually wound up working really well for us.  Andromeda fed during landing and takeoff again and spent the entire flight snoozing in my arms.  People on the plane were shocked to learn that they had been sitting next to a baby when we got up to disembark from the plane because she had been so quiet!  However, something changed once we got back to Houston that put an end to our excellent sleeper.  We're not sure if it was the travel, the change in time, or just a growth spurt or developmental change, but once we got home Andi proceeded to wake up multiple times per night every night and now takes super crappy naps during the day.  So I spent the next 2 weeks trying to get her on a schedule as best I could since she would be starting daycare in March.  We never really got back to a stellar sleep schedule.  We did some sleep training for nights to get her to fall asleep easier and that worked extremely well.  But sleep training did NOT take for nap time.  So we just try to get as much nap time in during the day as we can and enjoy the happy play time in between.
Future space geek alert!

Testing out the bouncy chair that we finally got around to assembling.  She's a bit too small for it still...
Fascinated with the froggy on her play mat
She naps for longer if she is held, so I'm enjoying it while I can
In terms of motor and vocal skill development, Andromeda is doing really well!  She is a regular chatter box and makes noises all the time to anyone who will listen.  And she loves practicing talking, she is always smiley and happy while she coos away!  She is also figuring out her hands and feet.  She can now intentionally grab things and moves her arms and hands much more smoothly.  Of course she would love to put everything into her mouth!  She has also been studying her feet and likes to push herself into an (assisted) standing position and then lower herself back down.  She will use her feet and legs to scoot herself around on her playmat too and has started engaging in some initial side to side rocking motions that are a precursor to rolling.
Andi loves to grab her clothing.  If it doesn't snap in place, then she will likely be baring her tummy for most of the day...    

Trying to fit the rattle in her mouth...
Holding two toys at once!  Little girl can multi-task!
On the week of her 3 month birthday, Andromeda attended her first days of daycare.  We started with a half day on Tuesday.  I had planned to go home and take a nap after dropping her off, but was a bit more emotional than I expected and wound up spending the next 2 hours crying instead.  Logically I knew she'd be ok, but it was harder than I realized to leave her there.  On her second half day on Wednesday I did better and by Thursday, her first full day, she and I seemed to have gotten used to it.  She still doesn't take stellar naps at the daycare, but she seems to be happy there as she always gives the caretaker a huge smile when I drop her off in the mornings.  While she was in daycare I took the opportunity to get some stuff done that was easier sans baby, like finally going to the eye doctor, getting taxes done, and getting a new battery for my phone.  Not fun stuff, but it was nice to be a bit more efficient while running my errands. 
Making a funny face while studying the toys on her car seat.
Coming back to pick up a snoozy baby after her first half day at daycare.
Since she hasn't been napping very well, I've taken to holding her on the couch after we get home from daycare as she sleeps better in mine or S's arms, just to make sure that she gets at least one good nap in.  It is definitely spoiling her a bit, but I figure I should enjoy the baby snuggles now while I can.  And that is it for month 3!