Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Reason NASA Shouldn't Have Retired the Shuttle

It was reported yesterday that an improperly run pre-flight test has caused an issue with the service module of the Russian's Soyuz spacecraft that was supposed to launch in March.  This delay will also push back the next scheduled mission as well.  Not that the shuttle wasn't prone to delays, but it seems like the Russians are having more issues with their Soyuz capsules now than they ever did when we were still launching. 

It's interesting now that I'm on the ISS side of things, seeing how these delays can affect the on-orbit operations.  We're on a single-fault system for keeping the ISS manned now...  I still maintain that the US shouldn't have canceled shuttle.

(sorry for the depressing picture, but it's a sad fact that this is what NASA's pride and joy of the last 30 years has been reduced to....)

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