Monday, January 30, 2012

Apartment Pictures!

I finally got my iphone to properly transfer pictures to my computer, so I can share some of my apartment decorating pictures with you!
Sunday was my lazy day this weekend.  I didn't actually start doing anything productive until about 3:30, but then I was uber productive!  I actually got most of my pictures and paintings up on my art wall!  I was at it for about 4 hours, including artwork that I finally got hung in the guest room and guest bath.  I was a hammering machine!  There's still more to go, but that was a huge chunk (about 80% or so) of the wall, so I'm thrilled!
This is my first take at styling 2 of the many bookshelves in my apartment.  The one on the left is kind of a clone of my mini-library that I had in the guest room at my florida place.  It is, once again, in the guest room and currently a holding area for a lot of randomness, but you get the general idea.  The bookshelf on the right is the built-in in my  living room and so the bottom is chock full of all of my dvd's and vhs tapes (yes, I still have some of those...).  The glassware will hopefully get re-directed to the dining room when I get that area set up, so still a work in progress...
And I did wind up getting those awesome chairs I found 2 weekends ago.  They look fantastic in the apartment, and the kitties are pretty big fans as well ;0)

As for a little catch-up on my Friday and Saturday, new job is going well so far - a lot of new acronyms and systems to learn but I like the general environment, my coworkers are all really nice (most of them are around my age, and there's a big Chicago connection here!), and I think I'm going to enjoy the actual work too.  They're already training me up to support the on-orbit operations of the ISS, which is pretty cool, and I'm going to learn how to speak Russian!
As for my weekend, I finally did some solo exploring of Houston.  I found a funky new salon on Living Social and hit them up for a really great hair cut on Saturday, followed by some light shopping (I didn't intend for it to be light, but I guess I got lucky and just didn't find too much that I liked :0P), and then dinner out with J and B at Masa Sushi.  We topped the evening off with a continuation of our Dexter marathon.

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