Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Green/Brown/Black Thumb Test

Sorry I was MIA for the last 2 days.  On Monday I was home with a nasty headache and my post yesterday was a failure.  I attempted to upload some pictures of my new place from my new iphone 4s and the pictures just would not send properly.  Technology quite obviously hates me...
My weekend was quite delightful.  When I was over at my friend L's house on Sunday for craft night I was shown plants that people with brown thumbs were actually able to keep alive (now granted, my thumb is black, not brown...) and I've been once again been bitten by the gardening bug.  My little meyer lemon tree (version 2 - first one, naturally, died) is actually doing quite well despite a move from Florida to Texas and has started to blossom again - really hoping I actually get some fruit this time (picture above from here, not my tree...).  So I can't be completely hopeless, right??
I've decided to give container gardening another try in some pots that I currently have gathered out on my patio.  I'm thinking tomatoes, swiss chard, radishes, and herbs like basil and dill.  I found a number of these on this etsy site and I can't wait to (hopefully) turn my patio into a rainbow filled land of actual live plants.
I have also heard that air plants are pretty much kill-proof.  In an effort to test that theory out I've decided to buy of those as well for interior decoration, inspired by the picture above. Wish me luck!

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