Monday, January 16, 2012

Looking Good at the Globes

I love award season, not for intellectual reasons such as the thought provoking movies that win, but for the completely shallow reason of the red carpet fashions.  And although there were definitely some questionable choices at the Golden Globes this year (Jessica Chastain and Lea Michelle come to mind), there were some truly mind blowing dresses that I would gladly sell a kidney for (and would probably have to based on how expensive designer and couture fashion are...)
My top red carpet pick is Emma Stone (she's been killing it lately fashion-wise).  Her two tone Lanvin frock with the awesome belt totally won my heart over.  I also really really loved Elie Krieger's Golden Globes POST PARTY dress, which is pretty rare for me as the post party dresses aren't usually as spectacular, but the cut, pattern, and color of this slightly retro frock slay me.
Runner ups for the evening are Claire Danes (front is simple, back is awesome), Julie Bowen (the pastel and metallic ethereal princess look gets me ever time), and Angelina Jolie (not my personal preference, but stunning on her).  An honorable mention goes to Glee's Diana Agron's controversial red number.  While agree that the bottom of the dress is too much, the laser cut bird motif on the top is gorgeous and the color is phenomenal on her.
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