Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In With the New!

I took the time this weekend to take stock of my apartment and start writing up to-do and to-buy lists.  I've already picked up some boring stuff like a new silverware drawer organizer (old one was too big), a shower caddy (didn't need one at my last place), and cleaning supplies (yay fun).  I've finished unpacking and putting away the functional stuff and finally started to get to the decorating phase.  This has resulted in an incredibly fun buying frenzy! 

One of my major needs is a door mat as all of the dead leaves littering the ground outside of my apartment have been hitch hiking in on my shoes.   I really like the word play on this one.  I also left all of my window treatments at my townhome for the new tenants so I needed something for my bedroom.  This awesome dip dyed design just went on sale at anthroplogie, and although the length is longer than I need I think adjusting it will be an easy fix.  To be honest, I havent actually bought these yet as I'm also considering an even cheaper DIY version, but my fingers are hovering over the "buy" button...  I did buy the awesome curtain tie backs already.  These were hardly a need, but I really liked them and they'll go with my new bedding (I bought the DwellStudio duvet cover I was coveting!).  The awesome coat rack will help even out the visual weight of my piano against my art wall (plus my awesomely huge closets are kind of inhibiting access to my coats, so having a few handy by the door will be nice).  I found this new Diver Lovers art print by Banksy that I'm completely and totally enamorred with so I had to buy it. I found a cheaper version on ebay, but it's also available here.  Since all of my art is headed for the art wall, I'm thinking I may save this one for my naked bedroom walls :0)  And finally, my huge master bathroom is screaming for some decoration, which is new for me as I've only ever had mini-bathrooms before.  I'm planning to get an oriental rug for next to the sink and I bought this cheeky decal for my shower door.  I can't wait til it all arrives and I can start decorating!

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  1. I am sure you will do a great job. I miss you already. Hope you are happy and have a fantastic New Year in your new state, new job new apartment. May this year bring only the very best that life has to offer. I love you Rachel.
    Aunt Joanie