Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and may 2012 be a wonderful and exciting year for you!  My holidays were busy busy busy, and 2012 has already started off with lots of exciting news. I spent my holidays mostly back in Florida.  As soon as I flew in to Ft. Lauderdale my parents and I headed up to my old stomping rounds to pack up, paint, and recarpet my townhouse.  It was exhausting and we had to spend the second day and night we were there with no furniture, just blow up matresses.  But it got done and I then spent the next 5 days in South Florida lounging on the beach, playing board games, and just chilling with family.  I got back to Texas on Wednesday night and then spent the next three days bogged down in paperwork: signing my new lease, getting a new driver's license, signing the lease as the landlord for my townhouse (someone is renting it already - yay!!), signing paperwork for my new job, etc...
What's that - new job?  Yup, I went ahead over the holidays and accepted a new job to work directly for Boeing as opposed to as a contractor!  I will be switching departments and buildings (still near JSC in Houston though) in about 2 weeks and will then start working environmental controls for the International Space Station. 
I celebrated the new year with friends at J and B's house.  We made fancy finger foods, lasagna, had dirty martini's, and celebrated just after midnight by relaxing in the hot tub.  Ahhh.  Then my movers showed up with all of my stuff yetserday so I spent the second day of 2012 unpacking.  I'm about 1/3 done and it's nearly liveable, but I'm completely exhausted!  Here's the before and during pictures, I'll be posting the after pictures as part of some home decorating posts in the next few weeks...
(Top 3 pictures from here, here, and here)

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