Friday, January 20, 2012

What Free Time?

My weekend, starting with the end of my workday today, is PACKED!  One of the amazing aspects of moving out to Houston is all of the friends I have here and all of the fun things to do.  It is seriously a 180 from my life in Florida (as of when I left) and although it limits my ability to unpack all of the boxes in my apartment in a timely manner (ridiculously minor as the only downside), I am loving my new social life!  Here's the plan:
Tonight I am leaving from work to check out these amazing chairs at a nearby antique shop.  Keep your fingers crossed that they're as awesome as they look!  After that I'm headed to a friend's house for our monthly (nerdy) game night.  I had never played most of the games before (like Settlers of Catan, which made a hysterical cameo on Big Bang Theory last night), but I'm having a blast learning them and it's a fun, inexpensive way to spend quality time with friends.  B has demanded that after game night I head over to her place to continue our Dexter marathon with season 5.
Saturday I get to sleep in a bit before I head over to my friend L's house so we can head out on an IKEA run.  I already have more furniture than I can handle, so for me it's going to mostly be an accessorizing trip: cabinet pulls, a rug, curtain rods, some decorative vases, etc.  After that I head home and get all gussied up for a night out on the town in Galveston with J and B.  We're going out for dinner and then seeing a performance of Spamalot!  I'm sure afterwards there will likely be drinks involved too...
Sunday I need to whip up some snack foods and then head towards downtown Houston to pick up a pair of yoga pants (a holiday gift from B) that I had hemmed at LululemonAnthropologie and BHLDN are across the street so I'll likely be making a side trip there as well, time permitting.  Then I'm headed back to L's house for the first monthly craft night!  There are 5 of us (although B is bowing out this month due to the NFL playoffs) that are going to trade off houses monthly and have a potluck snack/crafting session that I'm really looking forward to!  This week it's shrinky dink accessories and knitting

Phew, it's going to be a fun, but exhausting, weekend!

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