Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wedges and Sandals and Loafers, Oh My!

Spring shoes are in!!!!  And they are fun and colorful and I'm trying really really hard to hold my pointer finger back from clicking "add to cart" and "buy" on so many different pairs.  I think I may have an online shopping addiction.  And I think the ladies who work the front office at my apartment complex, who see me almost every day when I stop by to pick up package after package would agree...
Clockwise from upper left: d'orsay kitten heels | aqua striped wedges | gold t-straps
red striped TOMS | coral wedges | blue woven wedges | turquoise loafer | chunky satin heels
At least some of them are affordable, right?  I'm thisclose to caving on those aqua striped wedges and the turquoise loafers...

Oh, and tomorrow is my first day of work at the new Houston job so I probably won't have time for a post.  Everyone have a good weekend!

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