Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wasted Morning

No, not that kind of wasted.  I wish.  Actually, after my morning alcohol is sounding better than usual.  You know all of that paperwork I mentioned in Tuesday's post?  Yea, I'm still living that hell.  I just wasted my morning waiting in line at the DMV to register my car.  It turns out that one of the two zillion forms I brought in was filled out slightly incorrectly and therefore they were unable to actually register my car.  So now I have to fix my form and then find time to go back and wait in line.  Again.
 This was followed by a trip to the Johnson Space Center badging office to get my NASA badge reinstated (which I was pretty excited about).  Turns out that they won't accept my temporary paper Texas driver's license - they need the official plastic one.  So I was 0 for 2 and basically my entire morning was useless.... blah.

(image from here)

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