Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Go for the Gold

I've developed a new obsession with gold dipped, gold coated, gold plated, etc.  If it's gold, I'm all about it.  I've found a number of ideas for gold covered items online that I'm thinking will make perfect DIY projects.  Check them out:
These are little 2" diameter gold leaf "seed" pods that I found on a newly discovered home decorating flash site that I love called Joss & Main (you need to be a member to view, but it's free).  Since they're so tiny and only come 10 to a set for $50, and I'm thinking I want to hang them all over a wall in my bedroom, it just isn't worth it to buy them.  But they look easy enough to make, right?  I'm thinking paper mache, matte white spray paint, and either gold spray paint or gold leaf.  Definitely a little time consuming, but I think they'll make an incredible statement as wall art in my bedroom!
This is one I've been wanting to do for a while.  I found it on one of the blogs that I frequent, HonestlyWTF, which is where I've gotten a ton of other awesome DIY inspiration as well.  This project looks ridiculously easy and I have a huge collection of glassware that I'm planning to gild as soon as I find some time.  My friend H and I were actually talking about making this one a girls' craft night project!
And finally, although I'm generally not a fan of decorating with real animal paraphanalia unless it is shed naturally by the animal (i.e. deer antlers), I'm really not a big shark fan.  In fact, they terrify me and I think the less sharks in the ocean, the better.  So the idea of using a shark jaw and giving the gold treatment isn't at all horrifying to me and I think the result looks pretty awesome.  Not sure where I'm going to come across an affordable shark jaw, though.  (p.s. there's no way I'd actually buy from the artist that inspired this project either.  He uses real 24k gold and it's ridiculously expensive.  His work is really pretty, though...)

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