Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Fashion - Eh

Well I think Billy Crystal is a fantastic Oscars host and I was happy to see him back on stage last night.  The winners were about what I expected - my list of movies to watch has grown as a result: The Artist, Iron Lady, and Midnight in Paris are going to make their way into my queue as soon as they're available.  The Cirque du Soliel performance was pretty awesome.  And my friends and I totally cracked up at the Bridesmaids award presentation where they drank when someone said Martin Scorsese because we had been joking about that very thing ourselves!  Overall, though, the whole thing was a bit underwhelming, including the fashion.  There were definitely some pretty dresses, but no truly fantastic looks (Last year was definitely better, and I think Anne Hathaway as host did a lot for raising the fashion bar as well).  Here were my favorites of the evening:
Jessica Chastain's dress was pretty, but I think it was really her overall look (hair and make up) that pushed her to the top of my list.  Emma Stone continues to hit home runs.  Louise Roe's dress was just so unique!  I loved that Maya Rudolph flaunted her curves, and the color and embellishment were so pretty.  And Gwyneth was just so simple and classic, which totally works for her.  Still, no major head turn-ers...
My favorite hair and make-up appearances were Natalie Portman (she is just gorgeous in general), Jessica Chastain (I only wish I could pull off that hair color - SO STUNNING), and Tina Fey.  No jewelry, purses, or shoes really snagged my attention this year (still salivating over Anne's Brian Atwoods from last year, though...)
The one thing that can be said for the Oscars, is the after parties tend to have fashions that are comparable to the actual awards.  This year I was particularly taken by the choices of Nina Dobrev, Claire Danes, Cameron Diaz (this color is so much more flattering on her than the ivory dress she wore to the awards), and Zoe Saldana.  Still no major stunners, but some pretty choices...

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