Friday, February 3, 2012

Kick Boxing Kicked My Butt

I took my first cardio kickboxing class yesterday and I can barely move today - seriously, I look like an 80 year old just before her hip replacement when I try to walk on the stairs...  I found this gym on a living social deal, and it's super close to my apartment which is nice, but I'm pretty sure the instructor is out to kill me.  I'm also pretty sure I'll be thrilled with the results a couple of weeks down the road once I've taken a couple more classes and the soreness wears off, but right now I'm just kind of hoping I don't have to move anymore for the rest of the weekend.
Speaking of the weekend, my grand plans include wall mounting my tv over the fireplace and making my signature guacamole for a Super Bowl party on Sunday (I'm cheering for the Giants because my family is originally from NY and my grandpa is a HUGE fan!)   Do you have any fun plans?

(pictures from here and here)

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