Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Super Bowl

This year's Super Bowl certainly didn't disappoint!  The game was good, the halftime show was pretty impressive (Loved Madonna's egyptian-esque headpiece, but could have done without the pom poms.  Still can't believe she's over 50...), and there were some really great commercials.  I did a quick round up of my favorites:
1. Elton John Pepsi - the shoes, oh the shoes!
2. The M&M stripping commercial - you go red!
3. Children of the 80's - we are the new super bowl commercial demographic - I don't know if that's awesome or just makes me feel old - I mean look how old Ferris Bueller is now!  Also, did anyone else spot He-Man?!
4. Seinfeld vs. Leno - awesome!
5. And finally, while I found the beginning of this one was amusing, the end of it just kills!  You go Betty White!
Honorable mentions go to the ETrade speed dating baby and Doritos' dog bribe commercials.

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