Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kate Spade Monster Sale!

I'm not saying I spent more money than I have - I didn't - but I definitely spent more than I should.  This sale is dangerous!  Here are some of my top picks:
Love Kate's Essex Scout bags.  I'm definitely digging this aqua color.  I however, decided to splurge on this style in my favorite Japanese floral pattern, which is now sold out...  They had my wallpaper on sale too, but even at $175/roll (vs the original $350/roll) it was still a bit too pricey.  It is also sold out now.
I've actually blogged about this one before - I LOVE the brightly colored, ostrich embossed leather.  It was actually sold out for a while, so when I saw it on the site again and at that awesome price, I freaked out!  I may or may not have purchased this one as well.  I figured if I've been obsessed with it for over a year it must be a good pick!
And here it is, that AWESOME Japanese floral pattern in dress form.  I absolutely love it, but that particular style of dress is not exactly suited to my figure, so I had to pass.
And from the jewelry department we have this awesome fringe necklace and blue stone ring.  Love them.  Somehow managed to talk myself out of buying them.
And finally, they have a killer deal on my favorite fragrance, which I also snatched up.  I'm actually kind of reluctant to share this one as I don't really want all of my friends smelling like me.  But it really is one of the best perfumes and I'm okay with you knowing about it as long as you promise not to wear it when I'm around...

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