Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let the Sun Shine

I'm not sure if it's the upcoming arrival of summer or the influence of Kate Spade's color of the month for March (I'm leaning toward the latter as summer in Florida means excessive humidity, mosquitoes, and hurricanes - hardly the types of things that provoke "sunshine-y" feelings) but I've had an affinity for all things yellow lately.  The bright cheerful color has been on my radar when it comes to clothes, shoes, and a multitude of other random items.  Here are a few things that have caught my eye:
Cardigan | Camisole | Blouse | Dress
I absolutely LOVE the cardigan.  And I've been eyeing the camisole and blouse for a while too.  It's probably good thing J won't let me buy anything until after my birthday...
Wellies | Pumps | Sandals
I've been wanting a pair of wellies for quite some time now, but hadn't been able to splurge on the expensive Hunter pair I was contemplating.  This option is much more affordable and still looks very well made!
Purse | Butter Dish | Tea Towel
I had been lusting over this purse in orange originally, but then switched my affections to the yellow as I feel it would go with more in my wardrobe.  The owl butter dish is just fantastic, though it probably wouldn't actually be used to house butter, and the saying on the tea towel seems so much better than just plain lemonade!

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