Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another Citrus Conundrum

I've already raved about my love for blood oranges and tested a few different recipes incorporating them.  I've now moved on to another of my citrus obsessions: Meyer Lemons.  They're a slightly orangier, slightly sweeter version of a regular lemon and I love them.  I actually have a mini meyer lemon tree on my patio that I've managed to keep alive for about a year now (I killed the first iteration, luckily it had a waranty), but I still haven't managed to grow any fruit on it.  So I picked a couple of meyer lemons up at Central Market last time I went, about a month ago.  Citrus lasts practically forever, but I think a month is getting close to the point where I need to use these suckers.  So now what do I do?  I've narrowed it down to three options:
1. Meyer Lemon Frozen Yogurt with blueberry swirls (optional) - Despite the fact that this is a desert, it really isn't that unhealthy.  The recipe is very simple and only calls for yogurt (I could easily use low fat or fat free), 1/3 cup of sugar and lemon juice and zest.  That's it!  The blueberry swirl doesn't have very much sugar either.  Leaning toward this option.
2. Meyer Lemon Cake - apparently this is the recipe for "The Best Damn Meyer Lemon Cake" according to Saveur magazine, which I'm going to place a lot of culinary clout in. Naturally I'd replace the whole eggs with egg whites only. Only problem is, I'm on a "diet", as are a number of my friends, so cake may not be the best option...
3. Meyer Lemon Ricotta Muffins - These actually aren't too horrible.  Once again, I'd replace the eggs with just whites and the recipe actually calls for whole wheat flour so slightly better than the cake.  Of course there's still the full fat ricotta, cup of sugar and the stick of butter to contend with, however at least with muffins you have pre-portioned out sizes.

What do you think I should make?

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