Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On a Yellow Kick

So in addition to my awesome Saturday spent combing Texas for wildflowers, I also had a pretty fantastic Sunday.  After finally getting around to making a trip to the recycling center (my apartment complex doesn't recycle, but I do.  So I take my cans, bottles, cardboard, and paper down the road on my own), I showered up and put on a pretty dress for a trip into town.  You see, Sunday was the first day of April, and since my birthday is in April, it was the first day I could use my new supply of birthday coupons!  Yay!  So I headed to my favorite store, Anthropologie to spend a bit of my tax return!
I got these three beautiful dresses - it's hard to see but the one on the left is covered in little bumble bees!  I also just found out that it went on sale, as did the dress in the middle, which has kind of a 1920's silhouette to it - gotta call and see about getting some of my money back!  The one on the right is the light and floaty with pretty white embroidery and just so perfect for spring and summer!
I also snapped up this gorgeous blouse with a draped collar (you can see where the yellow obsession is coming into play) and these pretty little sandals that I've been fixated on for a couple of weeks now - the beading on the heels has been calling to me!
I topped off my Sunday with a trip to Central Market - which is like whole foods on steroids!  It is huge (the produce area alone is the size of a normal grocery store) and filled with fresh and delicious foods!  I snapped up some golden beets, purple carrots (when you cut them open the core is orange, which makes for a stunning visual), and fennel which I roasted up for dinner when I got home with some onion and zucchini - YUM!  I also got an incredible fresh tuna steak which I had with the roasted vegetables that night as well as some fresh basil which I made into pesto for a pasta dish last night, a salad from the awesome salad bar (mixed greens with roasted corn, chick peas, grilled chicken, artichoke hearts, red onion, shredded zucchini and a garlic vinegarette) which I ate immediately after I checked out on the expansive patio in front of the store, and a gorgeous bouquet of my favorite flower, ranunculus.  Also in yellow!  One of these days, when I'm not on a diet, I'm also going to go on a shopping spree in their crazy awesome bread and cheese sections...

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