Monday, April 9, 2012

Almost More Fresh Air Than I Can Stand

My friends invited me on another trip to explore the great Texas outdoors this past weekend.  We went to Brazos Bend state park, which is HUGE (Texas sized, if you will...) where we hit up the nature center (I got to touch a baby alligator!), had a picnic by the lake, went on a wildlife filled walk on one of the many paths, and then checked out their observatory, which also had a pretty great set up.  It was a really nice park and I'm definitely planning on going back with my bike sometime - the paths were perfect for bike rides - and I'd love to go check out the observatory at night too, see me some galaxies and supernova remnants! 
They're also known for their wildlife and we definitely saw a lot of it.  Gators everwhere!  As well as a number of birds, a huge fuzzy caterpillar, rabbits, turtles, and frogs.  We finished up our trip with a walk back to the car from the observatory, where I spotted a snake in the bushes and proceeded to BOOK IT out of there at top speed, which is still amusing my friends to no end...

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