Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Art Wall is Finished!

Last night I skipped yoga in favor of getting stuff done around the house instead.  I justified that the stress of knowing everything that I needed to do would negate any of the calming effects of the yoga.  And it turned out to be a very productive move!  I finally finished hanging the pictures on my art wall (I may or may not have also accidentally dropped a hammer on my head in the process...) and I'm thrilled with the final result (minus the lingering headache)!
Notice any familiar pieces up there?  I also spent part of last night framing a bunch of my DIY projects like the melted crayons and the ampersand.  I also finally got back my El Gato Gomez from the framer and I hung up my cool little three-eyed old man from Austin!  My original plan was to go completely to the ceiling, but after seeing the current configuration I think that might be a little too crowded.  We'll see...
I also moved my new neon orange scribble painting into the dining room (and finally got around to tidying up/styling my buffet) and relocated my newly framed Banksy print to my bedroom.  I'm super happy with the way everything is turning out!

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