Friday, April 13, 2012

Ship Shape

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I spent all day in the MER supporting more space toilet ops (I didn't even have time for lunch), and then almost immediately after I went over to B's house to join her, J, her sister E and a few other friends on a trip into town for tapas followed by VIP nite at the Houston Museum of Natural Science for the Titanic 100 years exhibit.  Which wasn't really "VIP"  (the swag bags had water bottles, rubber light up rings, a key chain, and a coupon to see the Titanic exhibit again), but we all had a lot of fun so it was worth it.  The exhibit itself was quite impressive - I couldn't believe all of the artifacts they had brought back up from the Titanic wreckage.  Some of the things that struck me the most were the huge wrench that had been used in the boiler rooms that was so decayed from the salt water and pressure of the ocean that it looked like it was made of iron shavings, the tiny intact glass sample vials of perfume that (supposedly) still smell of their original scents, the metal port holes that were wrenched into fractured, oblong shapes by the ship cracking in two, and the emergency door gear that activated the automatic closure of the lower compartments of the ship when they started to flood.  It was a pretty comprehensive exhibit - very well done.
As for this weekend, I plan on finally getting around to organizing my apartment!  I found out earlier this week that my parents are going to come visit me a the end of the month and my place is in absolutely NO condition for me to be entertaining!  A few days ago I finally cleaned up the mess of boxes that the maintenance guys left in my guest room after fixing my water heater.  I'm hoping this weekend to finish hanging pictures, clean off my dining room table, and take apart my old kitchen island that is currently on my patio and store it away.  At some point I'm going to need to go on an organizing binge too, because I can't even tell you how many "junk" boxes I have all over the place.  For now, I leave you with my current art wall configuration - can't wait to get the rest of my stuff hung!

(Titanic picture from here)

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