Monday, April 16, 2012

What a Weekend!

I started off on Friday having absolutely no plans for my weekend.  I wound up only seeing the inside of my apartment when I got home to sleep!  Saturday B, J and B's sister E decided to kidnap me on a trip into town.  We started off browsing the antique shops in the Montrose area, which of course I loved!  I wound up buying a small, worn stained glass window (been wanting one for a while), a cute little brass grasshopper that has taken up residence on my mantle, and a new AWESOME piece of artwork that I've been thinking about since I was down in that area last time.  Not only was it still available (obviously a sign), but since it had been there for so long I was able to get a really great discount (always ask for one when you're buying art that hasn't seen quick turnover - you'll usually get a better price).
We also hit up this great little cafe that I went to on my last trip to the antique shops, where we shared a hummus and flatbread snack and had some beverages.  After we walked the vintage stores for a while we moved on, only to immediately run into Anvil Bar and Refuge, a bar on my "Houston To-Do List".  So we stopped off here for some fantastic drinks in a really great atmosphere.  I'm definitely going to be going back there (the Pimms Cup was awesome!) 
We headed to Memorial Park afterwards, since I had never been there.  The park is HUGE, but much different than what I normally associate with a city park.  I think Central Park or Grant Park, which are more sprawling grassy areas.  Memorial Park is very wooded and people congregate on the perimeter where the jogging path and sports areas are located.  There's even a golf course in the park!
Since I had a list of cool places to check out in Houston, we referenced it again for dinner and decided on Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen - the food was yummy and B and J treated us all to a Bulldog, which is a crazy huge drink of a bottle of beer tipped upside down into a large margarita.  From there we hit up Liberty Station, a bar with a supersized Jenga game!  We had fun playing that for a while along with some Ms Pacman and then we moved onto Leon's Lounge, which had cheap drinks in a cool ambiance, but probably wasn't my favorite location of the night.  After that we headed back to the Clear Lake area for some karaoke.  It was a super long, but really fun, day!

(Anvil picture from here)

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