Monday, April 2, 2012

Texas Bluebonnets

Saturday's trip to Brenham, TX and the surrounding area to see the bluebonnets was a phenomenal success!  The sight of a field just filled with these violet-blue blooms and spotted through with fuschia, yellow, orange and red (the orange and red were indian paintbrush, and I think I loved them almost as much as the bluebonnets - such pretty colors!) is just so breathtaking.  We also fit in side trips to a lavender farm where I picked up some tea and culinary lavendar, to Washington on the Brazos state park, and to the Rose Emporium, a combination flower garden/store where I decided to try my hand at growing lemon thyme and heirloom tomatoes.  Poor plants are probably doomed to die, though...  My favorite parts, though, were the random stops we made for an absolutely perfect flower-filled field, a small house surrounded by tall grasses and spots of color, and longhorn cattle grazing in field of bluebonnets.  Check out the pictures below!

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