Friday, March 30, 2012

Things are looking up!

Well after my sucky week last week (overcharged for accupuncture, maintenance guys basically trashing my apartment, dealing with "landlord" crap, etc), things really could only get better.  And boy have they!  In addition to the fact that I started my week on vacation in Florida and had a shortened work week, I discovered that putting tin foil on the floor will stop my cat from urinating on the carpet (now I just have to get the remnants of the smell out - at least it's not getting worse, though!)  My diet is going really well,  I'm right on target to meet my weekly goal and feeling really great about it!  Also, I just found out yesterday that my exception request to get my previously unacceptable relocation expenses reimbursed was approved!  Hello money!  I've started looking up places (mostly restaurants and bars so far) that I want to go to in Houston - I really want to start exploring the city more - and I've already compiled a fantastic list that I'm really excited to get started on!  I got my birthday coupon in the mail from Anthropologie (woo hoo!).  I'm planning to pamper myself with a pedicure this afternoon. And finally, this weekend I'm going to go bluebonnet viewing with some of my friends - yay flowers!  If only Ohio State would win their final four game tomorrow night, that would simply be the cherry on the top of a pretty darn good week!

Have a great weekend!

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