Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Inspiration

These Pinterest items have caught my eye, and I keep going back to them.  Hence I have decided that they will be my style guidelines for the upcoming spring!
Classic Bridget Bardot look with teased, yet relaxed hair that, when paired with some sultry winged eyeliner, gives off the perfect easy going yet styled look
I don't know that I'll go with this colorway, but I love the alternating chevron pattern.  I just splurged on an at-home gel nail kit and I'm thinking if I can get my nail art to last for 2 weeks then I'm going to be much more likely to give it a try!  I'm thinking burgundy and nude...
Strappy wedges with a LOW HEEL!  Please, please, please become a major trend, because I love them!  They're sexy, give a little lift which does wonders for my legs, yet I don't tower over every other person, and they're actually comfortable!  These, naturally, are sold out, but I plan to hunt them down and wear them to pieces this spring...

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