Thursday, March 29, 2012

Weird Wallpaper Obsession

I blame Kate Spade.  If they hadn't resurrected Florence Broadhurst's Japanese Flower motif and gotten me completely and utterly obsessed, then I doubt my attentions would have turned to Florence's other patterns and in turn, her 100% INREDIBLE wallpaper selections.  Now I'm desperately trying to figure out how on earth I can temporarily wall paper even just one wall in my apartment - an absolutely ridiculous endeavor. 
Pale Egrets | Black and White Egrets | Silver Japanese Floral | Graphic Japanese Floral
These are the two patterns I've been eyeing, Egrets and Japenese Floral in two different colorways.  I actually found a place that sells "removeable" wallpaper in Florence's patterns.  Once the glue has completely dried (it takes 6 weeks) the wallpaper can be peeled from the wall and reused even.  Not sure what kind of residue it leaves on the wall, and to make the issue even murkier, the paper is over $300 a roll - ouch.
Horses Stampede | Gold Spotted Floral
So then I thought, what if I just bought a remnant or sample of the wallpaper and framed it?  Less effort/committment/money, but I'd still get my Florence Broadhurst.  I did find a place that sold such remnants, but of course they didn't have the two patterns I'm obsessed with.  They did have these horse and gold flower patterns which are kind of awesome too and at only $25 each, they're MUCH more affordable.  I may still do this, but it doesn't quite satisfy my desire for the full on wallpapered effect, which I can't really do in my apartment anyway. Right?
Teal Moroccan | Blue and Coral Alto
Maybe not .... while hunting for wallpaper options I think I may have found the solution: Tempaper.  It's this incredible newish product that is actually temporary (think static cling) wallpaper!  While the teal and gold moroccan style on the left really should be a slam dunk for me (love teal, love gold, love moroccan influence), I'm not totally in love with it.  I think it might be a bit too much.  I'm heavily considering the option on the right, though. The caribbean blue and coral red in a cool art deco motif rock my world.  So now I'm thinking Alto Tempaper in my bedroom hallway (small area so it doesn't overwhelm and since it's temporary it's definitely apartment friendly) and some framed Florence Broadhurst just so I can indulge in her incredible patterned genius.  Still not super cheap, but at least I'll be able to take both with me when I move out.  What do you think?

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