Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Oh the joys of being a landlord.... I seriously think my face must be red, bright cherry red, right now.   I am SO FURIOUS!  Apparently my property managment company doesn't feel the need to clear expenses through me - for example: the dishwasher that served me adaquately for 7 years apparently wasn't sufficient for my new tennant.  Fine, it wasn't a great dishwasher and my service contract company confirmed that it was a POS.  My property manager called me and said he knows people that can find a full functional used replacement model for a good price and he will call me when they find a suitable model to clear it with me first.  Great.  Next thing I know, it's a month later and I'm getting a bill in my email for $250 that I never approved... 
Plus there was an extra little bill tacked on for a $65 toilet repair.  $65 to fix a toilet????  Those definitely weren't broken before I left - what did she do, stuff a towel down the bowl?  And you can freaking replace a toilet for $65 - WTF!!!  I've almost spent more money on this f-ing townhouse in the 4 months since I moved out than I did in the last 7 years I owned it!!!

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