Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weight For It

I usually don't put much stock in "weight" - if my clothes fit me and I feel healthy then that's good enough for me.  Until yesterday that is, when I went to check out a new doctor/accupuncturist and during my consultation I glimpsed down at the scale... Say what!?!?  I knew I needed to lose a little because I'm down to only 4 pairs of pants that actually fit me, all from the "larger" end of my closet.  I'm not naming numbers, but I was kind of appalled at how much more I weighed than even just three years ago.  And I don't really get it because, for the most part, I eat healthy!  I go to the gym 3 days a week for spinning, yoga, cardio, and free weights!  The point is, my vanity took a huge kick in the ass this week and so I'm now attempting to be more proactive about my food intake. 
Yes, I eat mostly healthy, but I don't pay as much attention to portion size as I should and I like to snack.  Enter a food journal.   I'm attempting to track every food and drink item that enters my mouth in hopes of making even more informed food decisions.  I started yesterday and had to cut out my afternoon snack and desert to meet my caloric goal that I set in hopes of losing 2 lbs per week.  It was painful to end the day without ice cream.  Today I cut back a bit on my lunch portion in hopes of filling the mid afternoon void that is my stomach with an actual snack.  I'm really not used to this calorie counting but I need to do something, as my status quo obviously wasn't doing me any favors.  More to come...

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