Monday, March 5, 2012

Projecting Last Week (and Weekend!)

I have been a busy little DIY bee lately!  I finally got around to starting a bunch of the projects I've been wanting to try.  A bit help in this was my weekend girls' craft night yesterday at my friend H's house where I finally got around to gold dipping and etching glass!  Check out the final products below (my versions are on the left, originals on the right)!
This is my ampersand project, inspired by the original is on the right, which can be found in pretty much every Kate Spade store (such fun little places to go visit and spend buckets of imaginary money!)  I upgraded mine with a little bit of glitter...
Speaking of glitter (my new favorite thing, which can now be found in every nook and cranny of my apartment due to the laws of glitter), here are some boots I made last week based off of this DIY tutorial, which was inspired this original pair at Barneys and are somewhat reminiscent of my favorite Miu Miu pair from last season.  My final product isn't spot on, but they're still pretty fantastic!

I've blogged about these gold dipped wine glasses a couple of times and I'm so excited that I finally got around to them!  I love the way they look displayed in my dining room!
And while I was knee deep in gold paint, I went ahead and made a version of this little gold rimmed bowl too, which is now happily holding pendants on my dresser!
Moving on from gold to my second favorite theme of the week: hearts.  I made a news print heart wall hanging based off of the designs of this etsy artist.
And for my second heart project, I hand felted little heart elbow patches on to a slouchy grey cardigan, inspired by this DIY from one of my favorite blogs, Honestly WTF.
And for a final ode to Kate Spade, I etched polka dots onto champagne saucers that I got at Goodwill for about $2.00, a la the Kate Spade Larabee Dot Fete Mini Champagne Saucers (that go for $75 for a set of 4!) that I've been wanting for ages.  I think this one was my favorite!  Score!

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