Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Da Funk

It's been coming on for a little while now.  Every so often I'd notice I was feeling bored, dissatisfied, maybe a little lonely.  And then all of a sudden today it hit me full on and it's official: I'm in a funk.  Maybe it's just a mid-week hump day thing.  And the weather's been kinda crappy lately too.  Plus there's the fact that I went from TPS "expert" to someone who knows nothing about ECLS, which makes work slow and I'm still trying to get excited about what I do - that's 5 days/week.  Also, I've been trying to be so proactive about exercising, eating healthy, exploring Houston/Texas, and, counter-intuitively, I think that has also contributed to why the funk has set in.  I may be seeing results with the exercising and eating, but they're REALLY slow.  And I want to feel great now, so that has me bummed out.  And I'm making the effort to explore, but I don't have a lot of people to do it with.  My friends here are awesome, but they all have their own lives too.  I figure since I'm conscious of it and being proactive to improve my situation that my funk will just wither away on it's own.  But when it hits you all of a sudden *WHAM* - it's rough...

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