Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SpaceX Dragon Headed for ISS!

After a VERY dramatic last second (actually, last half-second!!!) launch abort on Saturday, SpaceX made a quick repair to a faulty check valve on one of their engines on Sunday and proceeded to successfully launch their Dragon capsule on board the Falcon 9 rocket in the wee hours of the morning today! This SpaceX mission is the first demonstration flight that will attempt to visit the International Space Station.  This particular capusle does not have a crew, but it is carrying over 1,000 pounds of cargo to the Expedition 31 crew currently camped out on the ISS.  The big test here is going to be the Dragon capsule's ability to rendezvous and berth with the ISS, as it will be the very first potential commercial crew vehicle (America's next wave of manned space flight) to actually reach our international space outpost!  Rendezvous and berthing are set to occur at 1 a.m. (Central time) this coming Friday and it can been seen live on NASA TV (including a web broadcast)!

You can get more information about the mission here, here, and here. Image from here.

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