Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What an Eventful Weekend!!!

So the weekend with my parents was awesome (more on that later), and of course there was the news of me hitting a major milestone - the big 3-0.  But that was nothing compared to this:  MY BROTHER AND HIS AWESOME GIRLFRIEND GOT ENGAGED!  I've known it was coming for about a month because I was a member of the "ring hunting team" back when I was in South Florida at the end of March.  For obvious reasons I couldn't share the amazingness of helping him pick out a ring so as to not ruin the surprise for her, but he finally popped the question on Saturday and everyone in my family now has wedding fever!
Now for what I actually did this weekend besides jumping up and down and clapping....  I'm so exhausted from my long weekend that I think need another weekend just to recover!  My parents and I stayed busy exploring the Houston area.  Kemah was fun, it was great seeing our friends, Galveston was enjoyable with the highlight clearly being the old fashioned soda shop/ice cream parlor/candy store - YUM!, and the JSC tour was incredible thanks to the help of two wonderful friends who know far more about Houston's role in the space program than I!  My parents really enjoyed being able to get up close with a shuttle cockpit simulator and some interesting experimental projects that JSC is working on!  This was one of my favorite parts of the weekend too since I'm still learning about JSC myself!
Can you stand all of this excitement?!?

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