Friday, May 25, 2012

Enjoy Your Memorial Day Weekend!

The Dragon capsule was offically the first commercial crew vehicle to successfully be captured by and berth to the ISS this morning!  Pretty exciting stuff!  You can follow live commentary here.

So does anyone have any big plans for the long three day weekend?? Last night I was over at B's house helping to make what I'm sure will be absolutely delicioius strawberry pie.  I didn't get a chance to taste it yet due to a crust malfunction, so hopefully I'll make it back over there this weekend to taste the (hehe) fruits of our labor!  And I think some friends are having barbecue this weekend too, which will be awesome since I haven't seen them in a few weeks!  Aside from that I'm planning to head into town to return some purchases and swing by Central Market again.  I'm thinking I'm going to give either duck or quail eggs a try and see if they affect me like standard chicken egg yolks do.  I know it's not super exciting, but I'm really psyched at the idea of potentially being able to eat a whole egg again!

Also, be sure to take a moment this long weekend between the yard chores and barbecues to remember all of the brave men and women who have given their lives for our country!

(picture from here)

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