Thursday, May 3, 2012

Next DIY Binge

I seem to go in spurts when it comes to my DIY projects.  I let them pile up for a while and then BAM!  I bang them all out in a week.  Well my pile is starting to get big again, and I'm thinking I need to get cracking.  Here's what's on the line-up so far:
Yes, it's a deer antler - don't judge.  I did not kill any deer to make this happen.  Trigger happy gunmen already did the work ages ago and I found the antlers in vintage shops, k?  Ok, I'm a little sensitive about these myself and despite the fact that the purchases were made in vintage shops, I was a bit squeamish about buying deer antlers, but aesthetically I love the look and so I'm going to give it a try...
I'm OBSESSED with these little skull beads, so any project I find that uses them immediately jumps to the top of my "DIY To-Do" list, starting with this fun leather tassel!
I feel like I'm 10 years old again because friendship bracelets are back with a vengeance!  Aside from cool varations on the standard embroidery floss construction like these and these, I'm also digging the cool versions here that utilize gold vermeil links and chinese silk cord to upgrade the look from pre-teen girl to pre-teen girl in the body of a 30-something.  I've already ordered my supplies and can't wait for them to arrive!
This is another project I've already stocked up for.  I got some cheap rhinestone necklaces on etsy and some white and flourescent yellow spray paint from the hardware store.  Now I just need to set up a little spray paint booth on my balcony and go to town!

There are a few more projects I have brewing as well, so I'll be sure to keep everyone updated as they are completed!

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