Tuesday, May 29, 2012


So my weekend was pretty awesome.  I spent what was probably too much money on a trip into the city on Saturday.  I hit up Anthro and finally bit the bullet on a pair of tomato red pants, snatched up a sweater I've been craving at Club Monaco, and picked up some awesome white tuna and fresh produce from Central Market.  I got home somewhat late and just chilled the rest of the night.  On Sunday I did chores around the house, whipped up a batch of my awesome German potato salad and then headed over to my friend H's house for some great grilled burgers and conversation.  I picked up some rocket popsicles and fudgcicles on my way over there too - when was the last time you had fudgcicles?!  Monday I headed into town again to meet up with H for a late brunch (I had forgotten to bring home Zoe's kitty prozac the night before...).  We attempted to try the Breakfast Klub, but the line wasn't just out the door, it wrapped around the entire front patio and was at least an hour wait.  Ridiculous!  Although it makes me think the food must be REALLY good...  So we headed over to my favorite section of town, Montrose, and tried the Empire Cafe instead, which was quite tasty, followed up by some Amy's ice cream.  I got dark chocolate ice cream with reese's peanut butter cups mixed it - Yum!  From there I headed west of town to a Super H Mart, which is a huge Asian grocery store, to snag some quail eggs so I can test my headache theory.  I haven't tried them yet, so more to come!  I also got some taro root, which I'm excited to experiment with as well!

As for today - I have my first dentist appointment in over a year.  I'm not looking forward to them mauling my teeth with sharp metal tools followed by a lecture on why I should floss every day (I do, it's just that the floss isn't metal and poke-y...)  Also REALLY hoping I don't have any cavities!

Image from here.  p.s. Do you think I could pull off the yellow eyeliner look??

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