Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Little Naughty but Mostly Good

I've been doing my best to save and not spend too much lately.  Especially since I like to splurge on food, I've been cutting back on splurges elsewhere.  Plus it's been a busy year of travel with more exciting trips still coming up.  And thanks to my forced frugality, my bank account has been growing accordingly (yay!).  But I only have so much willpower.  So I caved this week and bought a pair of shoes on ebay (they were only $12 and I know I'll wear them to death), a faux leather dress with awesome reviews that I've been eyeing and that just went on super sale, the tortoise shell version of that barrette that I lusted after last week (40% off at Banana Republic today!), and a classic baseball tee that was also on sale for only $12!  So yes, I splurged a bit, but at least I waited out the items until they went on mega sale.  And I didn't buy this, this, this, this, this, this or this, all of which I've been eyeing for the past few weeks.  Though I am strongly considering that bathing suit and classic black skirt...

(picture from here)

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