Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Inner Artist, Foodie, and Nerd are All Geeking Out Together

I found this on one of the blogs I follow today and I've been OBSESSING over it ever since.  A CAKE that looks like JUPITER, including all of the PLANETARY STRUCTURE?!?!?  I am totally geeking out on so many levels here.  Lucky for me, the amazing baker who constructed this cake has been getting ridiculously high demand for these cakes (there's an Earth version too, but Earth is just so normal...), and so she's created an online tutorial and video so others can recreate her masterpiece themselves. 
She even painted in all of the outer striations and the Great Red Spot in the frosted outer layer!  You can bet your ass I will be saving this link and whipping up one of these tasty, planetary beauties for my next birthday!  I am such a space nerd....  And just to geek out a little further, here is some NASA data/footage about Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system:

(pictures from here)

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