Friday, August 23, 2013

Have A Magical Weekend

Ah, the week has finally come to an end.  Looking forward to starting my weekend out shortly.  After a lovely Houston Restaurant Weeks experience last night with friends at RDG - Bar Annie, S and I are venturing back out again tonight for the smorgasbord experience that Max's Wine Dive is offering.  I'm so excited for truffled mac and cheese that I can't even stand it.  Tomorrow I think we're going to hit up James Coney Island for the specialty collaboration hot dog that was created by the owner/chef of our favorite eatery, Eatsie Boys.  I'm not normally a hot dog fan, but Eatsie Boys hasn't steered us wrong yet!  Our weekend continues with a Saturday afternoon in Galveston for St. Arnold's pub crawl (we get to drink Elissa the beer while standing next to ELISSA the ship!) and then a cook out/pool party at a friend's house on Sunday.  Really looking forward to hanging out with all of my friends!!! Also finally going to book the hotels for our Germany trip on Sunday as well - it's only just over a month away!

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