Friday, August 9, 2013

Have an Amazing Weekend

I think I've mentioned before that S and I are in a bowling league with a couple of other friends.  None of us are exceptionally good bowlers, we were just in it for the fun and the beer.  Well, lo and behold, against all odds, our rag tag group (which we gave what we thought to be the appropriate team name of The Gutterball Gang) actually won FIRST PLACE in the league last night!!!!  We didn't even realize we were doing well until about halfway through the season when another group got really picky about the scoring.  We don't play all that well, so we couldn't imagine why until we realized that we were ranked in the top 10!  To be fair, we had a generous handicap that helped us and two of our team members improved drastically by the end of the 10 weeks thanks to all the weekly play.  But holy cow!  First place!!!  We went out celebrating afterwards last night at Nobi Public House, still in a haze of amazement and disbelief...

Not a ton of plans this weekend.  It's still Houston Restaurant Weeks and S and I are taking advantage of the deals for our date tonight at Hugo's.  I'm really excited!  We have a birthday party to go to tomorrow and I'm hoping to take advantage of tax free weekend in Texas at some point too. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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