Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Smart is Sexy!!!

Just discovered this article/video that kind of makes my day.  I'm not usually a huge Ashton Kutcher fan.  He tends to play morons in movies (with the notable exception of his latest venture), he makes television shows that provide mindless (as opposed to thoughtful) entertainment, and by all outward appearances he seems to be wasting his college education and only superficially contributing to society.  I know that's not the full story - he's actually a smart guy.  He's not just rich because he acts, he's made some really savvy investments in start up companies that wound up doing really well, such as Airbnb, Spotify, and Fab.  But until now he, like the majority of celebrities nowadays (how did the Paris Hilton model of celebrity become such a big thing?!?!?), makes all of the kids who want to be just like him think that he's only interested in fun and partying and not concerned with appearing/being intelligent.  At the Nickelodeon Teen Choice awards he made a big statement to start changing that.  It's not all completely accurate, but no one else seems to be glorifying intelligence anymore, especially not the people kids pay attention to and aspire to be like.  It's quite the new crusade he has chosen and I for one am glad that the message that it's cool and sexy to be smart is making its way out there - we are not nerds, we are SEXY INTELLECTUAL BADASSES!

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