Friday, August 2, 2013

Have a Chill Weekend

We're planning a fun weekend, including checking out some places for Houston Restaurant Weeks, hitting up the 6th Annual  White Linen Nights in the Heights, and finally making it back to our old favorite Eatsie Boys for Sunday Brunch.  Restaurant Weeks just started yesterday and there are a lot of places on our list that are participating like Benjy's in Rice Village, Haven, Hugo's (they're offering an optional tequila pairing with each course too!), Max's Wine Dive, Latin Bites Cafe, RDG - Bar Annie, and The Oceanaire.  It's a great excuse to finally hit up some of the pricier restaurants we've been eying for good deals, so we're pretty psyched to eat some good food this month!  And White Linen Nights is basically a giant craft fair where artists will be painting murals and creating sculptures live as well as selling their wares.  There will be a food truck park too!  And yes, we do plan to wear whites! (though given how clumsy we are, I doubt our clothes will stay white...)

(picture from here)

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