Monday, July 29, 2013

My Weekend in Food

I actually made all of the food I planned to on Friday!  And it was delicious!  I added an Indian version of corn on the cob to the lunch menu as well.  It was rubbed with butter and then sprinkled with Indian spice (I used this, which also awesome with melted butter on popcorn, but garam masala would also work) and feta cheese.  S and I devoured these.  B came over to eat the Saturday lunch with us and she was a huge fan of the watermelon.  We sent a tray of food over to a friend's house whom S borrowed some tools from and he requested the crab cake recipe.  I also whipped up a faux remoulade with greek yogurt, salt and pepper, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and minced red onion.  AND I made a mini-muffin version of these chocolate chip banana muffins.  We will be eating them for the next week for breakfast.  I am a cooking machine!
While I worked hard in the kitchen all weekend, S worked hard in the garage getting his tools organized and his new work bench built.  It was an all weekend long chore and so to shore up his energy on Sunday, I whipped up some quick pancakes with fresh strawberries.  Since pancakes are his favorite breakfast, he was pretty psyched!
I also helped S out around the house, caulking around the big kitchen window, cleaning the tile floor, and taping off the trim in the movie room for it's upcoming paint job.  After all that hard work, you'd think I'd just flop on the couch when I got back to my place.  But no, I insisted on finishing off my weekend food extravaganza and so I was up until 11 making the hummus and pickles!  The hummus was insanely flavorful.  I added extra lemon juice and put the lemon zest straight into the dip (instead of on top of it) to amp up the flavor.  I also added some garlic powder to enhance the garlic flavor further.  It was incredible.  The final result of the pickles is still an unknown as they needed to "pickle" in the fridge for 24 hours before they were done.  I added about a quarter teaspoon of red pepper flake to them to try to kick up the spice a bit, but I may have been a bit too timid.  We'll see...

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